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Women's Services

at Beaufort County Medical Center is committed to providing our families with the best birthing experience possible in modern facilities with warm, personal care.

Our modern Labor and Delivery suite includes four labor and delivery rooms, a designated operating room and recovery room for C-Sections and a newly renovated nursery.

Our expectant mothers labor and deliver in the same room and are provided one-on-one nursing care, a benefit not always available at a larger birthing center. Anesthesia is on-call at all times for patients who desire an epidural.

Our Philosophy

Both the intimate setting of our facility and nursery, as well
as the welcoming, reassuring and nurturing profession of the staff embody the fundamental idea that birth is an essentially normal, but emotionally powerful event. Both our doctors
and nurses believe that when a woman and her family are supported and involved in making decisions about their care, they are best equipped to meet the challenges of parenthood. Likewise, good healthcare throughout life is best served through information, partnership and trust between client
and caregiver.

We support infants “rooming-in” with mothers, however the nursery is staffed at all times with a Registered Nurse who can care for your baby while you rest.

Classes for Expectant Parents

Lamaze Child Birthing Classes
The birth of your new baby should be one of the most rewarding times in your life. The Lamaze method of childbirth provides expectant mothers exercise techniques in breathing and relaxation that can be very valuable during labor and delivery. Lamaze will teach you what to expect during each stage of labor and help you be able to enjoy your birthing experience to the fullest.

Lamaze classes at Beaufort County Medical Center are taught by a Registered Nurse. Classes are offered monthly either on a Saturday from 9:00am – 3:00pm or on two consecutive Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:00pm.

Breast Feeding Classes
Pregnant women who are considering breast-feeding their newborns are encouraged to attend our breast-feeding class to become more aware of the benefits that breast-feeding provides you and your baby. The class, which is taught by a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, will provide practical information on the mechanics of breast-feeding and the nutritional needs of nursing mothers.

Beaufort County Medical Center provides a breast-feeding class every other month on Saturday mornings. Please call our Education Department at 252.975.8875 for more information or to inquire about the upcoming schedule.

What to Expect at the Hospital

All expectant parents have questions about how to best prepare for their stay at hospital. We have compiled important information together including visitors hours and policy, birth registration, security and even a packing list to name a few.

** Women's Services Brochure, Having your baby
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